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Quality over Quantity

your premier Baltimore/ Washington, D.C. Metro home inspection company

and neutral third party chimney inspection service company

Deck plate home inspections

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repair estimate report and home score

Your inspection analyzed, cost-estimated, and delivered in 1 business day after the home inspection report is complete

the repair estimate report enables you to negotiate faster by providing cost estimates for items in your inspection report.  

How does It work?

At the core of the repair estimate report is a list of repairs based on defects identified in the inspection. the report will tell you where the repairs need to happen, prioritize them, estimate costs, and identify the type of contractors who could do the work – all linked to the page number of the home inspection report. cost estimates are based on more than 30 years of research on 20,000 project estimates from 35,000 providers of materials, equipment, and labor across the US. Every repair estimate report is reviewed by an industry expert before it's sent to you.

step 1:  your home is inspected

contact deck plate home inspections to do your home inspection and request to add the repair estimate report.

Step 2:  Report is uploaded

after your inspection is completed, details from your home inspection report is used to create cost estimates agents and clients can use during the negotiation process. 

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step 3: receive report in 1 business day 

report is delivered to you to review and how to best handle the repairs.